Cross-Dock and Transloading

Quickload offers customs cleared and bonded transloading and cross-docking services to customers with cargo transiting Fairview Terminal, import and export. Our in-house warehouse services cover the movement of cargo from imported marine containers into dry-vans and flat decks for truck transit inland, as well as larger domestic containers/trailers. For export services, we can design a scenario that fits your needs.

To ensure continuity of service, Quickload operates with your chosen trucking partner, or with partners carefully chosen by our company. Our partners provide supply chain flexibility, enabling greater control and more effective product flow. The efficiency gained through Quickload’s service partners provides an advantage to the customer, including time and cost savings for our customers.


Our warehousing services provide options including cargo with multiple destinations by pick and pack and expedited options. Our Prince Rupert warehouses and resources provide best in class service through superior handling, lower cost, and maximum flexibility.

Customs clear and in-bond services:

  • Domestic and USA bound cargo (cleared and in-bond)
  • A8A customs documentation
  • Palletize, shrink wrap, repackage services
  • Pick and pack, consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Sufferance warehouse service
  • Expedited domestic and USA trailer/air service through trucking and air service partner(s)
  • Arrange forward shipment of goods through trucking and air service partner(s)

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