Quickload Logistics is a partnership between our founder and individual investor, Matt Holland and Kilmer Infrastructure Developments Group which is focused on public-private partnerships, real estate development and various concession related operating businesses and partnerships. Kilmer Infrastructure Developments is division of the Kilmer Group with interests in Sports and Entertainment and growing mid-sized companies through Kilmer Capital Partners.

Kilmer Group is a multi-generational platform for business development and investment which is focused on Canadian enterprise and infrastructure and is built on a heritage of excellence in operations, growth oriented stewardship and trusting relationships.

Based in Toronto with a satellite office in Montreal, Kilmer Group includes Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited, a family-owned and professionally managed holding company, Kilmer Capital Partners‎ ‎Limited, Kilmer Brownfield Management Limited, KD Infrastructure L.P. and Kilmer Sports Inc., and focuses its investments in three verticals: Private Equity, Infrastructure & Real Estate, and Sports & ‎Media.

Our long history as owners and investors in Canada is reflected in the quality of our collective relationships and experiences which we bring to every opportunity for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Matt Holland – Kilmer Infrastructure Developments partnered with Matt Holland, an expert in supply chain and logistics who had been the lead Partner in Canada for the Boston Consulting Group, to build and operate Quickload Logistics.