Quickload Logistics


Quickload Logistics is dedicated to continually improving our business practises and deepening our commitment to our customers, stakeholders, and partners. We pride ourselves on cultivating strong and lasting business relationships.

We also pride ourselves being responsive to your needs and supporting your requirements throughout the entire process including single point-of-contact Account Coordinators focused on load planning, customs processing, up-to-date status reports and completion documentation

Quickload has assembled a team that is committed to supporting that committment through providing high quality, professional service to shippers transiting the port – with service levels competitive with any other service provider.


We are committed to training our staff in up to date techniques  – whether in the yard, behind the wheel of a forklift, or in one of our offices managing your account. Combining the experience of our management team with the commitment of our staff enables us to ensure your cargo is being reliably and safely managed through the port – second to none in Prince Rupert.


We are passionate about innovation in our work.

We developed the first purpose built Container Examination Facility (CEF) in Canada, collaborating with the Port of Prince Rupert and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to improve efficiency and decrease examination times.

We also operate the world’s first C Loader to load containers. The C Loader – manufactured by CSL Industries – is an advanced materials handling machine capable of loading lumber packages efficiently with:

  • no damage to package wrapping
  • weight reports to ensure load optimization (and no overweight containers)
  • rapid reporting to shipping customers regarding loading status


Quickload Logistics believes deeply in partnering to better serve your needs. Transport services are required by many of our customers, and by coordinating tightly with our carrier partners we are able to offer a seamless transportation chain between port and your desired location(s). Our reach is growing with demand of our shippers.


Quickload’s first operation in Prince Rupert was the Container Examination Facility (CEF), constructed to specifications of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Port of Prince Rupert, and operated in partnership with the CBSA. We have a deep understanding of the requirements of shippers entering North America. Our CEF provides the fastest turnaround time for inspections when compared with similar operations in Canada.

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